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Goods for Ghana Projects

Rotarians from Windsor Essex have been travelling to various parts of Ghana, West Africa for many years. In November, 2017 team members will travel to Assin-Bereku, Ghana, each at their own expense, to complete a number of critical projects to help improve the conditions of the people there living in abject poverty.
Here are a few of the projects they hope to complete…

Mosquito Nets
Malaria is the number one killer of people in Africa, it kills more people than AIDS and many other diseases combined. In fact, it is estimated that every 30 seconds a child in Africa dies from malaria, a preventable disease. In the poorest parts of the world, window screens are lacking, anti-malarial drugs are too expensive, and so far an effective malaria vaccine does not exist. But the spread of this deadly scourge can be stopped with a simple inexpensive device called a mosquito bed net. Mosquito nets, which cost only $5 each, eliminate contact with mosquitos and you eliminate malaria. Imagine being able to save the life of a child for just $5. Our team hopes to provide 1,000 nets to pregnant and nursing mothers and their children on this mission.
Cost: $5,000

School House Renovation Project:
A 13-room school building, serving 500 children, is in need of critical repairs. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in the developing world.
Cost: TBD

School Back Packs
Most families can barely afford the cost of school fees let alone the cost of school supplies for their children. Our team is supporting the provision of 500 backpacks filled with notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, an item of clothing (t-shirt or dress) and a toy for the students attending the school we are renovating.
Cost: $6,000 CDN

Drilling of Wells
Our team is raising funds to drill three fresh water wells for the region of Assin-Bereku. Access to clean water is the key to sustaining life and health. But in many regions of Africa this basic element is simply not available and as a result, many fall ill to preventable waterborne diseases. It is estimated that every 21 seconds a child in the developing world dies from a waterborne illness.
Cost: $7000 USD per well

People interested in donating to Africa Nets Nets can call Kim Spirou at 519-253-0111 or 519-551-3747 or donate through this website.

Tax receipts can be issued for donations over $20.

View photos of nets being distributed last year…